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ICG has been a high quality food service provider to the local markets in Qatar since 2005. A privately owned firm, and a global leader in food supply, ICG provides a large variety of products ranging from non-perishable items, beans, milk, and more. Our customers include retail companies, catering services, and many more. We stand by our exceptional food and high quality service at the most competitive prices in the food industry.

In order to ensure the quality of our meat products, ICG has its own investment farm for sheep livestock, as well as slaughterhouse in Balti, a city located in the north of the Republic of Moldova.

Our state of the art slaughterhouse is a 1.163 m2 facility that houses slaughtering and meat packaging spaces. We process and refrigerate meat onsite before distribution. Also located in the facility is a research laboratory, and offices. The streamlined nature of our meat production ensures the highest quality of goods to be delivered to you.

Halal Certification